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A+ Plumbing and DrainRescue

A+ Drain Rescue Offer the following Services


  • Unblocking of Main Sewer Lines - Domestic & Commercial
  • Unblocking of Toilet's
  • Unblocking of Kitchen Sink's
  • Unblocking of Shower Trap's
  • Unblocking of Bath's
  • Unblocking of Basin's
  • Unblocking of Gulley's
  • Drain Cleaning & Maintenance
  • We Repair Damaged Drains
  • We installation new Sewer Lines
  • Re-build of collapsed Gulley's and Sewer lines



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We Unblock Drains Fast & Effective

If you suspect that your main sewer line is blocked, follow these steps to determine the location of the blockage.


First, you need to find your manhole/main drain, it is normally located in one of the corners of your stand.


When you find it, open it and check for the following as indicated in the pictures below.


If you did not manage to find it, cant get it open or don`t have the stomach for it, don`t worry, we can help.

gallery/blocked manhole
gallery/clean manhole
gallery/blocked gully

When you find that your Main Drain is filled up, then the blockage is further down, and you will need to phone your local Municipality Call Centre

When you find that your Manhole is empty, but the Gulley next to you house is still blocked, then it means that the blockage is between the house and the manhole.

Call Your local A+ Drain Rescue Team

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If you have a blocked drain, do not wait until it becomes a Health Hazard.

Blocked Drains will not go away, they will only get worse......

so make sure you act as soon as possible!

A common cause for blockages is tree roots that grow into the sewer line. 

Call A+ Drain Rescue, to unblock your drain with our Rooter Machine.

We do Drain Unblocking with a Rooter Machine

We at A+ Drain Rescue give your blocked drain a high priority


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